ILS Partners

ILS Partnerships Mean More Choices for Libraries

EBSCO is partnering with several ILS vendors in order to provide libraries with more choices on how they invoke their catalog—either with the ILS as the front end, or through the EDS platform as the front end—while retaining the benefits of both systems. Whether EDS or the catalog is the front end for the user experience, mutual customers will get better and easier access to the databases, journals, conference proceedings, magazines, newspapers, eBooks, images, videos and other sources that end users seek.

These partnerships are part of a continuing effort to improve accessibility and usability for customers by expanding the integration of services, while focusing on improving discovery and delivery of content. As such, we will continue to expand our partnerships with additional ILS vendors—check back for new announcements over the coming months.

Why Are ILS Partnerships Advantageous to a Library?

Save Time – Incorporating the EDS API into the catalog eliminates the need to load the library's entire catalog into EDS, greatly reducing set up time as well as maintenance time.

Seamless User Experience – Using ILS functions directly within the EDS experience provides a seamless user experience, eliminating the need for users and librarians to move between interfaces. For example, through an integrated experience, users can:

  • Check the availability of books at the library
  • Check out multiple books
  • View past-due items and pay fines (functionality must be available through the library)
  • And much more...

Optimize Usage and Value of Current Investments – These partnerships allow libraries to maximize their investments in multiple resources in a single search experience.

Vendor-Neutral Partnerships

EBSCO's goal is to offer libraries an array of options to optimize their individual discovery experience. Because EBSCO is vendor-neutral in its approach to discovery, there are additional discussions underway with other well-known and regional ILS vendors. EBSCO also encourages individual libraries to talk to their ILS vendor and ask them to consider a similar partnership with EBSCO.