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The definitive pediatric resource for clinical decision support at the point of care.

Complete pediatric clinical resource.

PEMSoft is the definitive pediatric resource for evidence-based, clinical information designed for better care at the bedside and improved patient safety. 

Designed by pediatricians, emergency physicians and other medical specialists, PEMSoft is an invaluable and current point-of-care medical reference for hospitals, emergency departments, clinics, pediatric group practices, transport services and medical schools. 

Extensive Pediatric Content

The vast content in PEMSoft addresses the entire spectrum of neonatal, infant, child, adolescent and young adult health. With thousands of pediatric topics, content is updated continuously. Hundreds of pediatric clinical editors worldwide use a rigorous, evidence-based editing process. Extensive pediatric references include links to PubMed.

Find Answers Fast!

PEMSoft is designed for speedy clinical decision-making. The in-built search engine provides answers in seconds. All topics are in list format with extensive internal links making it ideal for acute and emergency care.

Unprecedented Multimedia

Extensive use of images and videos integrated at critical points in topics. Assists in identification and diagnosis. Useful for medical training and diagnosing uncommon conditions. Includes extensive library of Procedures Videos.

Additional PEMSoft features include:

Resus Tool Module: The world's first length, age or weight-based resuscitation reference tool and calculator for accurate, instantaneous drug-dosing and equipment sizing customised for your location.

Trauma Module: Comprehensive mini-textbook on the entire range of pediatric injury and current management approaches.

Signs and Symptoms Module: Searchable library of all common pediatric signs and symptoms with directed clinical approaches making use of extensive images.

Procedures Module: Explicit, step by step compendium of emergency and critical care procedures with vast video support. Great for medical students and medical training.