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Materials include:

  • General Investigative Records (1908-1922)
  • Investigative Records Relating to German Aliens who were politically suspect (1915-1920)
  • Investigative Records Relating to Mexican Neutrality Violations (1909-1921)
  • Investigative Records transferred from the Department of Justice (1920-1921)
  • Investigative Reports (1908-1922)

U.S. Bureau of Investigation Case File Archives covers case files from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), which until 1935 was called the Bureau of Investigation (BOI). With over 2.2 million pages of original historical documents, the archives provide a fresh insider's perspective to the history of this time period.

Access Previously Undisclosed Investigative Records

The collection includes tales of espionage during World War I, case files for German aliens who were politically suspect, records pertaining to Mexican neutrality, and reports dealing with alleged violations of Federal laws. U.S. Bureau of Investigation Case File Archives includes reports and other documents relating to persons being investigated for working against the country's interests during Mexican civil wars and contains much about the political, social, and economic conditions at the U.S.-Mexico border at the time.

Title Lists:

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Opium Smuggling

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Henry Ford